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Oct 22, 2015
Temple University Health System is seeing returns from a comprehensive turnaround plan designed to focus on higher acuity services while becoming less dependent on filling beds through the emergency department.

The Philadelphia-based academic medical center this year posted its first operating surplus (PDF) since at least fiscal 2011, and also bested its own expectations for the year.

Under its new strategy, Temple made significant investments in its surgical and transplant service...

Oct 22, 2015

Medical schools reported another round of record-breaking application and enrollment totals as college graduates continue to ignore the warnings of senior physicians who recommend that they seek a career in something besides medicine.

First-year student enrollment in U.S. medical schools increased 1.4% to 20,630 in 2015 from 20,343 last year, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges. The AAMC also reported a 6.2% increase in medical school applications to 52,550 this...

Oct 22, 2015
Adeptus Health posted improved results in the third quarter as it continues to pursue an aggressive strategy of expanding free-standing emergency rooms and opening new hospitals.

The company, based in Lewisville, Texas, added six more free-standing facilities to its roster during the quarter, bringing its number of new facilities to 22 for the year. It has 75 overall.

The facilities are based mostly in Arizona, Colorado and Texas. Adeptus entered its fourth state during the quarter...

Oct 22, 2015

A selection of opinions on health care from around the country.

USA Today: Paul Ryan Represents GOP's Best Bet: Our View
Contrary to howls from the far right, [Rep. Paul] Ryan is no moderate. He was the architect of a Republican plan to replace Medicare with a system of voucher-like payments to seniors. But he has the common sense to pick his shots and is realistic in his tactics. He also has the good sense to ask for some rule changes that would make it harder for the...

Oct 22, 2015

News outlets report on health issues in Minnesota, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wyoming, Missouri, California, Florida, Arizona, Washington and Vermont.

The Associated Press: Federal Court Weighs Cases Challenging Minnesota Home Care Union
A new union that has already negotiated benefits and working conditions for thousands of Minnesota personal care attendants came under new pressure Wednesday as federal appeals judges heard a pair of cases aimed at disbanding...

Oct 22, 2015

A survey of human resource professionals showed health care insurance was more important than retirement or vacation benefits for employee retention. Meanwhile, workers could save serious money if they took better advantage of employer offerings like gym memberships and health savings accounts.

Bloomberg: Forget Raises. Employers Lean On Health Benefits To Retain Workers
Wages are still stagnant, yet employers have found something else to help attract and retain employees...

Oct 22, 2015
It's crunch time for thousands of small business owners who must comply with requirements of the Affordable Care Act for the first time.

Companies with 50 to 99 full-time employees must offer affordable insurance to employees and their dependents starting Jan. 1. They must also file tax forms with the government by Jan. 31 detailing the cost of their coverage and the names and Social Security numbers of employees and their dependents. While companies of all sizes are subject to the law must...

Oct 21, 2015

President Barack Obama on Wednesday announced a new initiative to train doctors who prescribe opioid pain medications and promote the use of medication-assisted therapy for treating addiction to prescription painkillers and heroin.

Speaking in Charleston, W.Va., which has been hard hit by the heroin epidemic, Obama said he wants to expand access to medicines like buprenorphine that treat opioid addiction, and naloxone, which can reverse an overdose.

Obama has instructed all...

Oct 21, 2015

People with knees worn out by arthritis will get more pain relief from joint replacement surgery, but it has more risks and there's a good chance that less drastic approaches also would help. That's the bottom line from the first study to strictly test other treatments against knee replacement, an operation done hundreds of thousands of times a year in the U.S.

"It's one of the great operations of the 20th century," yet good evidence of its effectiveness has been lacking, said Dr....

Oct 21, 2015
Pediatric skilled-nursing company Epic Health Services continued its recent acquisition binge with the announcement Tuesday that the Dallas-based firm will buy Medco, an enteral therapy services provider. Enteral therapy provides nutrition for patients through tube feeding.

Epic, which has no connection to electronic health-record provider Epic Systems Corp., now provides services to 34,000 patients in 17 states, up from 26,000 patients and 16 states before acquiring Houston-based Medco,...